Forklift servicing & repairs

Forklifts service & repair services in Perth

Western Forklifts received state-wide recognition as Western Australia’s expert in servicing forklift trucks long before we became a supplier of new machines. We have extensive experience and expertise in repairing any make of forklift, including being asked on many occasions to fix machines that other mechanics have not been able to fix.

Western Forklift’s Maintenance Service team is made up of highly experienced technicians. Our expertise in this area is a huge part of our company’s operation, and we’re very proud of our reputation.

Our customers know that if something goes wrong with their machine we’ll be right there to attend to the restoration.

Maintenance of your machine

Obviously, forklifts are asked to lift very heavyweights. Any machine lifting such weights will inevitably experience wear and tear, so to control maintenance costs it’s a very good idea to have your forklift serviced every three months or so. We can service your machine and handle most repairs on-site with our mobile forklift repairs and services which will save you time and money. If major repairs are required we’ll bring your machine back to our workshop in Armadale. You’ll be contacted by our representative to advise when it’s time to service your new machine.

Are you in the market to purchase a new forklift? Call us today to discuss our range of premium and affordable forklifts to buy in Perth WA.

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