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    Rental & Fleet Management

    If the capital for purchasing a new or second-hand truck is not available, why not consider hiring one?

    A lot of our customers prefer to rent a forklift than to buy one.  We have many types of fork trucks available for rent: the huge success of our rentals section is due to the elimination of costly repairs for the customer. By hiring a material-handling vehicle you have the freedom to hire long term; as a one-off; or you may request to lease additional vehicles during peak times.

    Hiring means you save money in the long term because your rental costs could be eligible for tax deductions on your pre-tax income. It may be more advantageous to take this avenue over our forklift sales and service deals, and if your requirements should change, then you’re free to select a different model more suitable to your requirements.

    If you rent equipment with Western Forklifts you will have up-to-date and well-maintained fork lifts and equipment, aimed at your door, ready to work.
    With flexible and various features available we offer greater leasing options to our customers. Regardless whether you’re looking for simple or long run hire for lift trucks or just equipment, we offers a rental term to suit your enterprise needs.

    For forklift hire in Perth, we’re conveniently based in Armadale WA to help you.

    We are really proud of our product knowledge in the industry and our excellent service with very competitive pricing. We aim to be your favorite supplier for all your equipment needs including Sales, Service and Hiring of the trucks. Currently offering large variety of forklifts and pallet trucks.

    Each one our rental equipment, even 2nd hand forklifts, is fully serviced and checked by our company of highly qualified service technicians.

    We offer competitive rates and flexible terms that can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. We can rent on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or even Yearly basis.

    You can now find almost any forklift on our fleet of new and used forklifts for sale or hire. All our machines are comprehensively checked before going out of the workshop and enjoy our unmatched servicing backup.


    Western Forklifts also offer affordable second hand / used forklifts for sale in Perth. 

    forklift hire made easy in Western Australia