Professional forklift servicing in Perth

We at Western Forklifts offer our clients with qualified and industry-leading servicing for forklifts in Perth of any variety, make, or model. Our team of highly experienced technicians have the expertise to tackle any job you throw them and have the reputation of being able to service and repair many forklift machines that other specialists have turned away.

A forklift is a specific industrial style truck, equipped with an elevating vertical frame, that is used to move and lift materials in a wide range of settings; such as construction, warehousing, and logistical environments. These machines serve numerous functions, including materials handling, transportation, and much more.

Since Forklifts fulfill many important duties, it is crucial to the performance of the machine that they are regularly serviced, every 3 months or so, just like you would your car or your household oven. A typical forklift service includes an inspection of the damages, tyre condition, safety, and operation lights, as well as the testing of the horn, breaks, steering, and gas. Our team will also check the engine, fluid levels, and rectify any identified faults with the machine.

The Western Forklifts team have been servicing Forklifts in Perth and surrounding areas for decades, gaining state-wide recognition as the premier forklift servicing specialists. We are able to conduct the forklift servicing on-site, and if major repairs are needed, we can take the forklift to our HQ in Armadale and advise when ready for pickup.

For more information on our high quality and trusted Forklift servicing services, please contact us today on (08) 9399 1542 and talk to our team of experts. We look forward to hearing from you soon!