Material handling: pallet racking systems

Racking systems benefit from expanding vertically vs horizontally.  It saves mounds of space and can save millions of dollars for warehouses yearly.

About pallet racking systems

These structures are quite simple designs that allow for material storage in a very easy way and allows for easy accessibility. Pallet racks are actually not much different than your every day bookshelf. These racks are designed in a way to ensure their structural consistency without utilizing too many materials. Many of these designs implement metal frames with braces and decking.

How pallet racking systems are used

These racks are usually multilevel racks or shelves that forklifts can place materials and pallets onto their designated area. Loading and placing materials onto a rack takes only a few seconds and saves enormous horizontal space.

Why warehouses use pallet racking systems

These systems allow warehouses to use their customised and personal organisational systems that you need.  Some warehouses simply place items where they will fit where other warehouses need a very specific  separation of items by type or category. For example, you do not want to stack food and chemicals in the same space, they must be separated for obvious reasons.

Who uses these racking systems

  • Food distributors;
  • Prescription drug distributors;
  • Wholesale grocery stores;
  • Electronics and distribution centres;
  • Packing warehouses; and
  • hundreds of others

When should a business start using a pallet racking system?

As your business starts to grow and horizontal storage is just not feasible anymore. Expanding vertically, can help you save a great deal of space and it’s a great deal cheaper. These racks are very easy to install and implement into your organisation.

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