Find Parts For Your Forklift

Here at Western Forklifts we understand only too well the importance of a reliable supply of spare parts and attachments for your forklift. It’s vital to minimise downtime and inefficiencies by having forklift parts and attachments readily available; plus it maximises safety in the workplace.

We provide our valued customers with rapid service and excellent supply capabilities that ultimately save money and time.

Spare Parts and Attachments

We carry an extensive range of attachments and parts for forklifts of all makes and models. From batteries, spark plugs, an entire engine, or tyres for your forklift – we’ve got it all at our workshop in Perth.

At Western Forklifts we supply genuine parts and after-market parts for all brands, and if the part is unavailable or not in stock, chances are we have the experience to source it for you one way or another.

Regardless of whether your forklift has been around for a long time, or if it’s brand new, we can source parts very quickly to prevent wasting your precious time and money. From a spark plug right through to an entire engine – we’ve either got it on hand, or we can quickly source it for you.

We’re your one-stop shop for repairs and spare parts for forklifts, both old and new, across an extensive range of brands.

Contact us now for any information or queries you may have regarding buying or renting a used or brand new forklift.

We also offer our clients in Perth WA with reliable forklift repairs and servicing.